Secrete Repair Shampoo

Secrete Repair Shampoo

·  Aromatherapy shampoo for dogs and cats with
   no dyes or artificial fragrances.
·  Suitable for delicate and dry skin. Suitable for skin
   problems such as fungi, bacteria etc.
·  For dull and dry fur.
·  Can I replace traditional shampoo and use this
   shampoo to treat skin problems? Yes, but you need
   to check according to severity, and veterinary criteria.
·  Apply 1 to 3 times a week, depending on skin


·  Wet the pet, apply throughout the fur, massage the skin a bit, leave
   shampoo 5 to 10 minutes. It produces little foam. Rinse profusely.
   Repeat if necessary. It can be used with other shampoos but it is preferred
   that you use up the container. It can be used as often as 3 times a week, but
   with indications from the veterinarian.
·  Exclusive use in pets, do not use in pregnant animals or puppies
   under 10 weeks old.
·  Be careful not to get the shampoo in the eyes, if so, wash with water.
   Take care of the ears so they don’t get wet.


·  Aromatherapy (essential oils), Bach Flower, Aloe vera and elixir of
   gems. Contains Tea Tree oil.
·  The potent antibacterial Tea Tree kills fungi.
·  Pet Plastic Bottle 250 ml.
·  For ultimate relaxation in the room use a diffuser with
   Armony pet´s Templanza.

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