Oils for Pets

·  Useful for pets with difficulty to navigate through
   musculoskeletal disorders, orthopedic problems,
   spinal pain or hip dysplasia.
·  One of its ingredients is Juniper, this oil produces
   analgesia, it is anti-inflammatory, improves
   circulation, relaxes muscle contractions, and relieves
   sore muscles after a strenuous day of exercise.
·  Puppies with rapid growth may feel discomfort in their
   joints, try Consuelo.
·  Senior pets, feel very well after applying this product.


·  Shake well before use.
·  Apply 3 puffs twice a day on the affected area, massaging in a gentle and
   slow manner for 5 to 10 minutes, starting from the bottom of a leg upwards.
   If the treatment is on the back, start from the very end of the spine to the head.
   Larger or long hair breeds may need more puffs. Try to get as much as
   possible of the product on the skin of the pet. It can be difficult for breeds with
   long hair, try your best.
·  For better absorption place a warm towel on the affected zone for 5 minutes.
   The towel can be heated in a microwave oven or with an iron. Verify that
   the temperature is not too hot for your pet. As Consuelo is an oily product it
   can leave stains on the towel.
·  May cause drowsiness for some pets due to its relaxing essential oils.
·  Use exclusively for pets, do not use for pregnant animals or puppies
   under 10 weeks old.
·  Avoid contact with the eyes. If it happens, clean with sunflower or olive oil.
   Do not use water.
·  Keep dry and cool.


Essential Oils, Dr. Bach flowers and vegetable oil vehicles.

·  30 ml bottle. Amber glass with spray.
·  For best results use a diffuser in the room.
·  Combine with Armony pet Templanza.

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