Boca Fresca

Boca Fresca

Oils for Pets

·  This product helps maintain a good breath.
·  Excellent for puppies that are changing teeth,
   soothes the sore gums.
·  Decreases bites due to the change of tooth.
·  Good for senior pets with tartar or tooth pain.
·  One ingredient is mint, this oil has analgesic,
   bactericidal substances, regenerative tissues
   and deodorizers.


·  Shake well before use.
·  Apply directly to the snout, 2 to 3 puff 1 to 2 times a day; as needed.
·  May cause drowsiness for some pets due to its relaxing essential oils.
·  It does not replace visits to the veterinarian, neither tooth brushing.
·  Use exclusively for pets, do not use for pregnant animals or puppies
   under 10 weeks old.
·  Avoid contact with the eyes. If it happens, clean with sunflower or olive oil.
   Do not use water.
·  Keep dry and cool.


Essential Oils, Dr. Bach flowers and vegetable oil vehicles.

·  30 ml bottle. Amber glass with spray.

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