May 5, 2012

Book launch:
"Aromaterapia para Mascotas" by Paula Ibáñez

"Aromaterapia para Mascotas", Paula Ibáñez.May 5th at the Mascotas & Animales at the CasaPiedra Conference Center ( Av. Escriba de Balaguer 5600 Vitacura, Santiago de Chile).

Presented by Katherine Salosny.

During Saturday and Sunday it will be available for sale at the show, after that it will be available in bookstores.

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April 4, 2011  ·  La Nación

Aromatherapy stops barking

Bach flowers also make animals relax, same as toys that allow dogs to release their interest in biting shoes, a healthy product that does not create conflicts with their masters.

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April 2, 2011  ·  Tele 13

Armony Pet at the Animal Expo at Casa Piedra, Santiago

If you are a fan of pets, attention to the following. There is an Animal Expo coming up in Santiago, where you can find innovative products for your pets, such as purified water or alternative medicine products.

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April 1, 2011  ·  El Mercurio

Water specially treated for dogs and aroma therapy are some of the developments for pets in 2011

The song of birds, the sound of leaves moving and the voice of children can have a calming effect on dogs and cats. There is a Pet Expo in Casa Piedra from today until Sunday where you will find toys that are frozen, organic shampoos, showers with hydromassage ...

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May 5, 2012

Book launch:

"Aromaterapia para Mascotas" by Paula Ibáñez ...

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